Our Commitment

BioLynceus®  is the the recognized leader in environmentally sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment.  We are an eco-technology company who uses non-chemical, natural wastewater technology to improve the degradation of solids and wasted solids in treatment processing.

BioLynceus® specializes in environmental enhancement  for bio-remediation of water and wastewater. Our programs improve desludging wastewater sewage.  The programs we implement improve sludge handling and sludge management.   We customize programs for the unique needs of our clients to solve the expense of handling biosolids and sludge management.   Our solutions provide quality solutions for reducing solids or sludge in mechanical wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater  and lagoon treatment.

BioLynceus® has served 100’s of clients across industries to reduce wastewater solids, sludge and biosolids.   Clients across the United States experience our natural wastewater solutions benefits by seeing substantial reduction in sludge and solids.  The expense of client solids handling and solids reduction has them spending less dollars on transportation, chemicals and dredging services.   The benefit of our programs allows wastewater plant’s life to be extended without large outlay of mechanical upgrades or additional operational and maintenance expenses for wastewater treatment processes.   It is our desire to assure our client’s experience the highest level of solving the treatment focus of solids handling and solids reduction.

With over 25 years of using our custom programs we have helped clients reduce sludge and solids by improving sludge management and wastewater processes.  We are the sole source provider of ProBiotic Scrubber® nationally and internationally.  Our programs are only available through BioLynceus.