Sales Reps


Rick Allen

Territories: CA, AZ, and NM

Rick is our founder who has taught at 20-30 tradeshows a year for the past two decades.  Rick is a highly-sought trainer across the West. In his spare time, Rick is often seen riding his electric bike in Estes Park, Colorado.

Ph: 303-888-2008

Scott Anderson

Territories: CO, NE, WY, & UT

Scott is our head agronomist and spends his time on the ground with farmers and farmers co-ops throughout the Plains states, so this makes him highly qualified to deliver solutions on soil health and maximizing crop yields.

Ph: 303-995-3541

Herb Fancher

Territories: CA, CO, UT, & Southern WY

Herb is our lead scientist here at the company, and his technical background is unrivaled.  Herb travels extensively to work on the ground with operators in Utah, Colorado, and parts of Wyoming.

Ph: 970-290-3724

Kelly Gray

Territories: AZ and NM

Kelly is our sales representative in the Southwestern states.  She has a degree in environmental studies.  This world traveler has lived in South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.  Kelly recently worked on an initiative in Malaysia that helped mediate wastewater effluent in an ocean environment.

Ph: 970-685-9044

Tanner Hartsock

Territories: OR, WA, NV, and WI

Tanner is our sales representative covering the Pacific Northwest region. Tanner has a master’s degree in geology and hopes to pioneer the use of microbial remediation programs to meet current and future environmental challenges. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, hiking and camping.

Ph: 970-342-5297


Jeff Helwig

Territories: DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, & WV

Jeff serves the Mid-Atlantic states through his deep knowledge of plant operations.  Jeff knows both sides of the business — water and wastewater — like few other people in the industry. Jeff holds both PADEP certified water and wastewater operator’s certificates and sewage enforcement officer (SEO) certificates.

Ph: 717-880-2016

Mark Sembach 

Territories: ID, MT, ND, SD, & Northern WY

Mark is especially suited for helping wastewater operators cope with weather extremes in the northcentral part of the country. He is the perfect person for addressing the nuanced problems that operators encounter in these areas. 

Ph: 406-542-0864

Andy Tomaszewski

Territories: NC

Andy’s previous success in developing territory in the Pacific Northwest makes him the perfect person to expand our territory into the Southeast. Based in North Carolina, Andy enjoys getting outside from the mountains to the sea and spending time with this family.

Ph: 425-466-6085



Patrick Dunn

Director of Operations

Patrick is the hub of the business and keeps all of the ships sailing in the right direction. He is a graduate of Miami University (Ohio) and holds an MBA from Xavier University. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys hiking, biking and a competitive game of pickleball, followed by a robust IPA.

Ph: 970-586-3391

Holly Charboneau

National Sales Manager

Holly comes to us with 20+ years of territory devlopment experience plus extensive knowledge of the biologicals market.  Holly sets strategic direction on our large accounts and helps point her team in the right direction. When Holly isn’t busy outproducing last year’s numbers, she is an avid gardner.

Ph: 970-586-3391

Kathy Kelly

Marketing & Operations Technician

Kathy has a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Arizona.  She performed research on an anti-neoplastic cancer thereapy as part of her undergraduate work. Here at Biolynceus, Kathy is in charge of building our brand across the print and digital universe.


Jason Owens

Director of Marketing and Business Strategy

Jason tackles all manner of marketing duties from sourcing leads, managing Salesforce, executing our digital strategy, and driving process improvements. He is a graduate of Ohio University and has an MBA from Thomas More College. For fun, Jason and his wife hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.