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Fulvex® is a concentrated liquid fulvic acid supplement. It has a relatively small molecular structure that readily enters plant roots, stems and leaves. The cation exchange capacity (CEC) is almost double that of humic acids. Fulvic acids are the most effective carbon-containing chelating compounds known. They transport trace minerals directly to metabolic sites in plant cells and are soluble in any liquid with a pH above one (1).


Contains non-plant food ingredient. Fulvic Acid derived from humate.


8.30 lb per gallon
1.00 kg per liter

Directions for Use

Use alone or with organic or conventional fertilizers and nutrient mixes. This product is compatible with nitrogen base fertilizers (UN- 32, CAN-17). Use with appropriate water dilution. Jar test for compatibility before mixing with other chemicals.

Application Details

Fulvex® application rate is 1-2 gallons concentrate per acre. Can be used for foliar, drip, and sprayer applications. May aid in nutrient uptake. Dilute a minimum 1 gallon product to 10 gallons water. Use appropriate amount of water for proper application. Contact BioLynceus® for additional application options.


Use alone or with any common use fertilizers. Jar test for compatibility before mixing. Shake or circulate before use. Timing and frequency of application should be based on soil and tissue testing. For foliar and soil applications.

Storage and Handling

Store in original container in a cold dry place out of direct sunlight. In case of accidental exposure, flush with water. Product is nonhazardous. May stain clothing. Wear eye protection. Protective gloves recommended.

Product Support

Consult your BioLynceus® representative for product support, application information and current pricing. Do not allow product to freeze.

Keep Away From Children – Not for Human Consumption
buyer assumes all risk of use, storage and handling of this material. Neither the manufacturer, seller, nor its agents, make any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning this product, except in conformity with statements on the label. Information regarding this product can be obtained from BioLynceus®. Do not allow product to freeze.

Fulvex® is a registered trademark of and is distributed by BioLynceus®.