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Humega® is a biologically enhanced product that may aid in the availability of micronutrients. Humega® when mixed with other fertilizers, complexes fertilizers by attaching them to a carbon molecule which then helps increase their absorption rate.

Guaranteed Analysis

Humic Acid………….4.00%


Humic Acid is derived from a non-plant food ingredient.


8.80 lb per gallon
1.05 kg per liter

Application Details

Humega® can be used on all crops. Side dress or water run 10 to 40 gallons with a minimum of 20 or more gallons of water per acre. Can use through drip or pivot.

Directions for Use

Use alone or with conventional fertilizers, nutrients, pesticides and fungicides. Rotate before use. Product is non-hazardous. Use at least 10 days after soil fumigation. Use with all irrigation systems, including drip, pivot or sprayer.


To ensure ease of mixing and application, dilute with sufficient amounts of water. Jar test new mixes. Do not mix with soil fumigants, aqua ammonia, sulfuric acid or urea sulfuric acid.

Storage and Handling

Store in original container in a cold dry place out of direct sunlight. In case of accidental exposure, flush with water. Product is nonhazardous. May stain clothing. Wear eye protection. Protective gloves recommended.

Product Support

Consult your BioLynceus® representative for product support, application information and current pricing. Do not allow product to freeze.

Keep Away From Children – Not for Human Consumption
buyer assumes all risk of use, storage and handling of this material. Neither the manufacturer, seller, nor its agents, make any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning this product, except in conformity with statements on the label. Information regarding this product can be obtained from BioLynceus®. Do not allow product to freeze.