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ProBiotic Scrubber® I


ProBiotic Scrubber® I helps improve water clarity, remediate nutrients that cause algae & duckweed, reduce organic matter, digest sludge and improve water ecosystems. ProBiotic Scrubber® I is a natural liquid bioaugmentation formulation designed to increase decomposition of organic and inorganic materials. ProBiotic Scrubber® I is a scientific formulation of beneficial bacteria cultured in a controlled environment to ensure a consistency in microbial quality and quantity, which enhances the biological renewal of water environments including ponds, lakes and water features. This product does not harm aquatic life and is safe to use in any water feature or aquatic area that has live aquatic species.


Derived from kelp, blue-green algae, minerals, micronutrients and natural beneficial bacteria.


8.30 lb per gallon
0.99 kg per liter


It is recommended that the product be used within 6 months of purchase. Avoid excessive heat. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not allow product to freeze.


Product is non-hazardous. In case of accidental exposure, flush with water. Refer to SDS.

Application Information

All recommendations below are general in nature. Special formulations and rates may be required for a specific situation.

Recreational Lakes, Ponds, Water Features and Golf Course Water Features

ProBiotic Scrubber® Aquatic Solution remediates nutrients that cause algae.
  • Improves water clarity
  • Reduces sludge build-up
  • Stimulates microbiological processes
  • Reduces objectionable odors
  • Improves nutrient loading
  • Improves dissolved oxygen

Directions for Surface Application

Spray ProBiotic Scrubber® I on the surface at the rate of 1 gallon, per year, per 2000 sf of pond surface area, divide rate into 1 to 3 applications per year. ProBiotic Scrubber® I may be diluted with non-chlorinated water for good spray coverage of environment being treated.

Directions for Water Flow:

To activate pond, apply 2 gallons of ProBiotic Scrubber® I per day per million gallons of water flow for 10 days. After 10 days, apply 1 gallon per day per million gallons of water flow. Use a peristalic pump if possible. ProBiotic Scrubber® I may be diluted with non-chlorinated water to achieve pump setting. If the water recirculates through the ponds, the application rate can be reduced to 1 quart per million gallons of water flow. Follow directions for surface application OR water flow application, NOT both at the same time.

Septic Systems

  • Reduces requirements for grease and sludge pumping
  • Breaks down grease and sludge
  • Opens up leach lines clogged with grease and sludge


Use a small application pump for continuous treatment. Apply 10 ounces per day for 10 days and 4 ounces per day thereafter for average size septic system. If larger, increase rate of application.

Oil Separator Pits

  • Breaks down oil compounds
  • Reduces odor
  • Improves evaporation of water


For initial application, spray 1 gallon of ProBiotic Scrubber® I per 1000 sf of surface pit. One week after initial application, apply 1 quart per week  ProBiotic Scrubber® I per 1000 gallons of liquid pit capacity per week.

Petroleum-Contaminated Soils

  • Speeds breakdown of petroleum and chemical compounds into harmless product
  • Detoxifies soil for increased microbial and plant growth.


Spray 1 gallon ProBiotic Scrubber® I with at least 10 gallons of water per cubic yard of soil or spray 1 gallon ProBiotic Scrubber® I with at least 10 gallons of water per 1000 sf of surface for contaminated soil. If high levels of contamination are present, add Lot 125® at the same rate. Incorporate with tillage. Maintain gardening moisture levels to keep biological degradation active. Repeat application every 30 days until contamination is reduced to desired levels.

Keep Away From Children – Not for Human Consumption
buyer assumes all risk of use, storage and handling of this material. Neither the manufacturer, seller, nor its agents, make any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning this product, except in conformity with statements on the label. Information regarding this product can be obtained from BioLynceus®. Do not allow product to freeze.

ProBiotic Scrubber® I is a registered trademark of and is distributed by BioLynceus®.