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ProBiotic Scrubber® Special Blend


ProBiotic Scrubber® Special Blend is a scientific formulation of biostimulants, amino acids, humic acid, fulvic acid, minerals and micronutrients, which enhances biological degradation and increases biooxidation in water and soil.


Derived from kelp, blue-green algae, B. licheniformis, B. subtilis, S. cerevisiaeP. stutzeri, many other species of beneficial bacteria, minerals and micronutrients.


8.50 lb per gallon
1.02 kg per liter

Application Details

All recommendations below are general in nature.  Special formulations and application rates may be required for specific situation.  When using a dosing pump, ProBiotic Scrubber I® my be substituted for ProBiotic Scrubber® Special Blend with modified recommendations.  Contact a BioLynceus® representative.

Wastewater Lagoons (Industrial, Municipal, or Animal Waste)

  • Reduces noxious odors
  • Improves solids digestion
  • Improves grease reduction
    Improves aeration
  • Reduces total suspended solids
  • Cleans collection & trunk lines
  • ProBiotic Dredging® of sludge
  • Reduces sludge handling
  • Removes solids & grease from lift stations

Directions for Use on Industrial & Municipal Treatment:

Initial inoculation required as needed to activate lagoon, apply 2 gallons per day per million gallons of wastewater flow for 10 days. Make application as far upstream in the wastewater flow as possible for most effective treatment. After 10 days, apply 1 gallon per day per million gallons of wastewater flow.

Minimum application for facilities processing less than 120,000 gallons per day is 20 ounces per day (approximately five gallons per month). Use a peristaltic dosing pump when possible, otherwise dose by hand. ProBiotic Scrubber® Special Blend may be diluted with water to achieve the appropriate dose rate. ProBiotic Scrubber® Special Blend may be diluted with water to achieve pump setting.

Directions for Dairy Waste Treatment:

To activate, spray lagoon surface with 1 gallon per 2000 to 5000 sf. One week after activation, add 1 gallon per 200 cows. If possible, use a peristaltic dosing pump. Free-stall operations may require 1 gallon per week per 100 cows by metering pump. Dairies milking more than twice per day will require higher treatment levels.

Directions for Hog or Beef Waste Treatment:

To activate, inoculate lagoon surface with 1 gallon per each 2000 to 5000 sf of surface area or 10 gallons per 1 million gallons of waste liquid in the lagoon. One week after inoculation, add 2 gallons per week for every 250,000 gallons per week of inflow, or 2 gallons per week for every 500 cows.

Keep Away From Children – Not for Human Consumption
buyer assumes all risk of use, storage and handling of this material. Neither the manufacturer, seller, nor its agents, make any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning this product, except in conformity with statements on the label. Information regarding this product can be obtained from BioLynceus. Do not allow product to freeze.

ProBiotic Scrubber® Special Blend is a registered trademark of and is distributed by BioLynceus®.