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Agriculture Products

Lot 125®

 Lot 125® aids in the conversion of fertilizer to complex plant nutrients, helps buffer salts and augments micronutrient availability


Fulvex® is a concentrated liquid fulvic acid supplement that readily enters plant roots, stems and leaves.

BioFlora Seaweed Creme®

BioFlora Seaweed Cream® is a cold processed, seaweed that maximizes plant growth and root development.


Humega® is a biologically enhanced product that may aid in the availability of micronutrients.

BioFlora Iron®

The organic components of BioFlora Iron® is ideal for increasing root zone development in all types of plants.

Fish-O-Mega® 4-1-1

Fish-O-Mega® is a proprietary blend of fish solubles and cold-processed seaweed designed to deliver NPK, in the most plant compatible form available.

BioFlora® Zinc (7%)

BioFlora® Zinc soil applications are recommended with nitrogen fertilizer solutions.

BioFlora® 6-0-0

BioFlora® 6-0-0 is a biologically enhanced highly soluble source of mineral nitrogen that is very effective at delivering usable nitrogen to plants.

BioFlora Dry Crumbles® 6-6-5 + 8% Ca

BioFlora Dry Crumbles® is a dry granular fertilizer formulated to provide an excellent source of high-quality organic nutrients for all types of plants.

BioFlora Chicken Nuggets® 3-4-2 + 6% Ca

BioFlora Chicken Nuggets® improves soil’s beneficial microbial populations, thereby building on the plant’s natural ability to develop vigorous plants.

BioFlora® Manganese 4%

BioFlora® Manganese 4% is a nutrient enhancer and readily enters plant roots, stems and leaves.

DynaMega® 2-1-1

DynaMega® 2-1-1 is a proprietary blend of fish solubles and cold-processed seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) in the most plant compatible form available.

Go Green®

Go Green® provides soil structure benefits and nutrients for plants while acting as an irrigation system cleaning agent.

Agriculture Testimonials

Corn Testimonial

Darwin Jeffers of Phillips County, CO used BioLynceus® Lot 125® on his 2010 Conservation Reserve Program breakout planted to dryland corn, and on his dryland wheat crop, in 2011. The corn made $311 profit over expenses at 82 volume per acre. The wheat made 52 volume...

Root Development Testimonial

I used Humega®, Fish-O-Mega® 4-1-1 and Fulvex® in my garden to help eliminate a problem I was having with my corn. Specifically, my corn kept falling over due to lack of root development. I treated some of my corn with BioLynceus® product and left some of my corn as a...

Organic Farm Testimonial

Western Colorado Organic Orchards, Inc. is a certified organic farm with 29 acres of fruit and vegetable production. Over the last four years I have been very pleased to work with BioLynceus® and use several of Global Organics' products including: Seaweed Cream®, Lot...