Organic Farm Testimonial

Western Colorado Organic Orchards, Inc. is a certified organic farm with 29 acres of fruit and vegetable production. Over the last four years I have been very pleased to work with BioLynceus® and use several of Global Organics’ products including: Seaweed Cream®, Lot 125®, BioFlora Iron®, Fish-O-Mega® 4-1-1, and DynaMega® 2-1-1.

When the property was purchased, conditions consisted of severe soil compaction with penetration tests at 2 to 4 inches, low tree and vegetable vigor, and in some areas, the trees would not set fruit. A deficiency and imbalance of many micro nutrients was evident and severe chlorosis. Yellowing of the leaves was a wide spread problem on the farm. Microbial activity was very low, so a compost regimen was implemented as well as a dry fertilizer program to provide proteins.

Over the years my approach to addressing these problems has mostly been through the injection of these products by means of a micro-jet irrigation system. I have been injecting the same quantities during every watering for the last 4 seasons. I have found that delivering Seaweed Cream®, Lot 125®, BioFlora Iron®, Fish-O-Mega® 4-1-1, and DynaMega® 2-1-1 using this injection method has certainly made a big impact on all of these issues.

Soil conditions have greatly improved with penetration tests now beyond 10 inches, and with fruit yields in the acceptable range. In the review of soil tests there is more active microbial life than before with more available micro nutrients. In conclusion, I would like to say that I am a firm believer in BioLynceus® products and would recommend them to anyone wanting to make a true impact on their soil conditions.

Brett Walton
Western Colorado Organic Orchards, Inc.

While our previous 2 episodes have focused on specific aspects of how Lot 125 can help your fields, this quick episode showcases several additional benefits. Click now to hear our resident agronomist, Scott Anderson, as he explains.

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