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Emerging Trends

Another Observation From a Road Warrior! In the world of water and wastewater, emerging trends are beginning to influence the entire industry. In my travels around the country, I am discovering that issues in Arizona are also occurring in Washington, and issues in...

How to Improve Your Lagoon with Bioaugmentation Kathleen Kelly shares 4 ways to improve your lagoon using bio augmentation. Perfect for industrial or municipal lagoons of any size and flow rate.

Webinar – Plant Startup with Tanner Hartsock Tanner Hartsock M.S. takes us through the process of starting a wastewater plant and considers different options operators have in solving their challenges. What we didn’t expect was to get such a glowing endorsement from a...

Managing Septage and Grease Haulers

Road Warrior’s Series: Managing Haulers My first response when I hear of systems agreeing to take on Grease and/or Septic discharge to their system is to “just say NO!” How these materials affect wastewater systems is dependent...

Where Have All the Snowbirds Gone?

Another Road Warrior Observation F:M Issues In my travels this year, as limited as they have been (yes, I am suffering from severe hotel withdrawal), I have observed a recurring issue hampering the optimum efficiency of wastewater operations. This issue is the lack of...

Nitrification in Cold Weather

One thing that is definite is understanding of when water temperatures get cold your bugs may not be so happy. One thing that has continued to show up year after year for the last 25 years in the environmental business, especially the wastewater industry, is the idea...

Public Education FOG Rick Allen discusses methods for educating the public on fats, oils and grease. This is a short webinar that lasts about 18 minutes.

Biological Nutrient Removal

Biological nutrient removal (BNR) is a process used for nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater before it is discharged. BNR Challenges Conventional biological processes typically do not remove total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) to meet the...

Wastewater System Restart or Initial Start Up?

In the world of wastewater these days there are many challenges that will occur. Some you may have already seen and some may appear in the near future.  One of these many challenges is how to get your plant activated if it is killed off by known or...

Corn Testimonial

Corn Testimonial

Darwin Jeffers of Phillips County, CO used BioLynceus® Lot 125® on his 2010 Conservation Reserve...

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Western Colorado Organic Orchards, Inc. is a certified organic farm with 29 acres of fruit and vegetable production. Over the last four years I have been very pleased to work with BioLynceus® and use several of Global Organics’ products including: Seaweed Cream®, Lot 125®, BioFlora Iron®, Fish-O-Mega® 4-1-1, and DynaMega® 2-1-1.

When the property was purchased, conditions consisted of severe soil compaction with penetration tests at 2 to 4 inches, low tree and vegetable vigor, and in some areas, the trees would not set fruit. A deficiency and imbalance of many micro nutrients was evident and severe chlorosis. Yellowing of the leaves was a wide spread problem on the farm. Microbial activity was very low, so a compost regimen was implemented as well as a dry fertilizer program to provide proteins.

Over the years my approach to addressing these problems has mostly been through the injection of these products by means of a micro-jet irrigation system. I have been injecting the same quantities during every watering for the last 4 seasons. I have found that delivering Seaweed Cream®, Lot 125®, BioFlora Iron®, Fish-O-Mega® 4-1-1, and DynaMega® 2-1-1 using this injection method has certainly made a big impact on all of these issues.

Soil conditions have greatly improved with penetration tests now beyond 10 inches, and with fruit yields in the acceptable range. In the review of soil tests there is more active microbial life than before with more available micro nutrients. In conclusion, I would like to say that I am a firm believer in BioLynceus® products and would recommend them to anyone wanting to make a true impact on their soil conditions.

Brett Walton
Western Colorado Organic Orchards, Inc.