Wastewater Treatment Plant Testimonial

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Testimonial

I began using BioLynceus® ProBiotic Scrubber® II to help solve a grease and hydrocarbon accumulation problem in the City of Livingston’s main sewer line and the associated lift station. The sewer line is problematic because most of the restaurants in town discharge into this line. The amount of grease coming into the line increases during the summer which coincides with an increase in tourist traffic.

Prior to using BioLynceus® ProBiotic Scrubber® II, the grease in the lift station would periodically have to be “chipped off” and was labor intensive to remove. Within one month of using ProBiotic Scrubber® II the lift station was visibly cleaner and there was no accumulation of waste materials in the lift station. Periodic maintenance is much easier because the grease which is present is easily washed off, instead of having to be manually chipped off.

Additionally, the ProBiotic Scrubber® II is automatically injected into the sewer line three times a day. We reached a cooperative agreement with a local grocery store to inject ProBiotic Scrubber® II into one of their floor drains since they are located at the end of the main sewage line. Furthermore, ProBiotic Scrubber® II is not a chemical and does not damage any of our processing systems.

Given the results we have seen, I am planning on using ProBiotic Scrubber® II on all sewage lines for fiscal year 2007-2008. I highly recommend any municipality having grease and hydrocarbon issues to use BioLynceus® ProBiotic Scrubber® II.

Steve Briggs
Chief Operator
City of Livingston

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