Turf Farm Testimonial

This is to inform you of the positive results that Humega® has on the turf farm. I would recommend this product to be used on other turf farms, parks, golf courses, and recreation fields.

The following are results we had when using Humega®:

  • Noticed increase soil flocculations and water retention.
  • Control of some turf grass diseases and increase of thatch decomposition.
  • Able to harvest turf grass when soil and air temperatures are low.
  • Ease of application with most irrigation systems.
  • Temperatures in sod rolls are at least ten to fifteen degrees cooler.
  • Sod rolls had better lateral strength (more and stronger tiller roots).
  • Cost per application is affordable.
  • Twenty percent less water usage.
  • Humega® is 100 percent organic.

Randy Hiraki
Operational Manager
Green Acres Turf Farm, Inc.

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