Soil Remediation Testimonial

Many years have passed since I became the Golf Course Superintendent at Buffalo Run Golf Course in Commerce City, Colorado. Back in 2000, I used to half-joke that our course was more of a dirt bike course than a golf course!

That is certainly not the case today. Since beginning with BioLynceus® products for lake health and clarity (ProBiotic Scrubber® I) and utilizing the soil amendment products in your Turf Program, our lakes are clear, our course is thriving, and our turf is thick and green.

We have been able to cut back on water consumption, and find that our soil moisture levels are more consistent. We’ve also been able to manage soil pathogens like ‘fairy ring’ more effectively, and have greatly reduced their occurrence. We do not use herbicides from time to time as a preventative, but there is not the weed pressure anymore like we had in the early years when the course first opened in 1996.

Due to high levels of sodium in our water and soil, we have always had problems with germination. Our soil was also heavily compacted and we had issues with standing water in places as well. By micro-dosing Lot 125® and TurfMaster® through our fertigation system and using deep tine aeration, we have improved the soil structure, lessened the impact of sodium, and have much better water penetration.

Overall, there are many factors that determine the resiliency of turf grass and the health of soil. Here at Buffalo Run, we have been able to improve our efficiencies with both natural and financial resources, by utilizing best cultural practices which include the BioLynceus® Turf Program!

Kirk Reiber
Golf Course Superintendent
Buffalo Run Golf Course

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