Biolynceus First Friday Webinar Series


Here at BioLynceus, we love reaching out to you with INTERACTIVE webinars (no talking heads here) that give you a chance to ask questions of our wastewater and turf experts.

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August 2020 - Public Education: FOG

Yes, you really can get the public to help you fight FOG in your wastewater system!  Join us as we talk with our Founder, Rick Allen as he shares best-in-class examples of public awareness campaigns that actually work!

October 2020 - Book Launch!

Join us as we talk with our Founder, Rick Allen, about his new expanded and revised Critical Issues for Wastewater Professionals book.  There are a TON of good stories here, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

December 2020 - Nitrification in Cold Weather

Below 40 degrees, some nitrifiers simply don’t work.  Raise your hand in this webinar to have our experts answer your questions on keeping your system healthy, even in the cold.


February 2021 - F:M Ratio

Weather you are ramping up, slowing down, or just going through an unusual cold spell, you need to understand how Food and Microbes work together.  Too much or too little can spell disaster.  Join us for another highly interactive webinar where we’ll answer your questions.

April 2020 - Sludge Reduction

If you have a lagoon system, you’ll come face to face with sludge.  It is unavoidable.  Before you scoop it and haul it, tune in to this hightly interactive webinar. Get your questions answered and hear what our experts have to say.


June 2021 - Plant Startup / Restart

Restarting a plant can be a pain. It takes a TON of work to get all of your chemistry to where it should be.  In this webinar, we’ll give you direct access to experts who have helped restart dozens of plants.  Join us to put yourself on the fast track.

Previous Webinars

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Webinar – Lot125® for Phosphate Efficiency The volatile market for phosphate can send prices soaring. In times like these, it is important for farmers to make the best use of phosphate that they can. In this short 10-minute video, our Lead Agronomist, Scott Anderson explains how...