15 Reasons to Use BioLynceus Biological Solutions on Your Next Reclamation Project

  1. Less costly and efficient alternative to the currently accepted expensive methods of mechanical remediation and reclamation.
  2. Restores oil and sodium saturated soil and water
  3. Stimulates the breakdown of biodegradable contaminates in soil and water.
  4. Stimulates a productive ecological cycle.
Stimulates a Productive Ecological Cycle
  1. Reduces the TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) contamination levels in soil and water.
  2. Reduces the BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes) contamination levels in soil and water
  3. Balances PH levels.
  4. Increase microbial activity.
Increases Microbial Activity
  1. Reduces sludge in municipal waste treatment facilities.
  2. Increases aerobic activity in ponds and wastewater lagoons.
  3. Reduces sludge in industrial waste streams and wastewater lagoons including refineries.
  4. Reduces Hydrocarbon contaminations in ground water.
  5. Can be used as an insitu remediation solution to soil and water contamination
  6. Environmentally friendly
  7. Reduces buildup of solids in collection and trunk lines

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