Fats, Oils and Grease Testimonial

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and the BioLynceus® product ProBiotic Scrubber® II (PBII) introduced to the City of Gold Hill. Before this product was introduced to our sewer system we were experiencing massive fats, oil and grease issues in our collection systems as well as our treatment plant. At the time, we were finding ourselves having to jet our collection lines supporting the majority of restaurants on the south side of town once to three times weekly.

Within six weeks after being introduced to PBII we no longer had to jet our lines. What was even more impressive was how the product completely removed the caked up grease from our manholes, and our wet well at our head works. This was a major concern and issue for us at the time and was addressed with the simple use of ProBiotic Scrubber® II.

Additionally, there was at least three different times we experienced a massive bug kill off at our treatment plant caused from a toxic dump of an unknown source. During this time, we were advised by BioLynceus® to try and introduce PBII 1 quart at a time over a three to five day period to see if it would help.

I have to tell you this was the answer we were seeking and needing during a frustrating and scary time. This product helped us to overcome our reduction of biology and get us back to a positive treatment process in our plant in very short order.

Even though I am no longer with the City of Gold Hill, I would highly recommend your product to any agency I work for in the future. Thank you for the introduction of ProBiotic Scrubber® II and the simplicity of using it.

I would recommend this product to any agency needing to see a great reduction in fats, oils and grease.

Michael L. Edwards

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