Consulting for Remediation Projects

Our Scope of Programs & Consulting 

BioLynceus promotes on-site application of microbial solutions that digest on-site the hydro-carbons, making the expense and mitigation more environmentally friendly and less expensive. BioLynceus consults with clients on the environmental solution for mitigation of wastewater & pre-treatment solutions, soil & contamination solutions. 

Our team has over fifteen years of experience working on a variety of sites for hydro-carbon clean-up. 

Sample List of Areas of Expertise: 

  • Water remediation for managing H2S (Hydrogen Sulfides).
  • Water remediation for pre-treatment of BOD, TSS, FOG, Nutrient.
  • Water remediation for mechanical and wastewater treatment for reduction of solids.
  • Soil remediation of hydro-carbon / fuel soiled areas.
  • Water remediation for grease traps & wash – down equipment.
  • Water remediation for reducing sludge in refinery wastewater.
  • Water remediation diesel contamination of fresh water holding tan.
  • Revegetation for chemical contamination & mining reclamation areas.
  • Plant remediation for plant health and plant zone development.
  • Soil remediation for sodium contaminated soils.

BioLynceus provides solutions that are designed for the exact project, whether the concern is for treating water, soil or plants. Each program is customized for the client to assure the specific issues are being managed to produce the results that everyone desires.