BioLynceus® Turf Products FAQs

Do BioLynceus® products replace commercial fertilizer or can fertilizer usage be decreased?

BioLynceus® p roducts promote increased efficiency of commercial fertilizers. We recommend that greens keepers or turf managers continue a balanced fertilizer program until the biological food web builds sufficient humus reserves to allow reduced fertilizer additions. The biological food web in a balanced soil will produce significant quantities of nutrients for optimum grass growth. It takes two or three years to achieve the biological balance to significantly reduce commercial fertilizer applications.

Why don’t fertilizer companies know more about the biological nature of soils?

The importance of soil biologicals for soils and turf has been known for many years. Conventional fertilizers have been successful in improving turf color but have not significantly improved health of turf or soil fertility. Many operators have recognized that the productivity of their soil has diminished after years of conventional treatment. By considering the balance of biological processes and conventional fertilizers, the soil can be improved and returned to a high level of fertility in a short time. By improving the biological nature of soil, operators find they can reduce the amount of conventional fertilizer necessary to grow high quality turf. This reverses the trend that most operators have experienced. Some fertilizer companies are concerned about revenue losses due to operators needing less fertilizer.

What is the biological food web in soil?

The biological food web is the biological food chain in soil consisting of bacteria, algae, actinomycetes, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, microarthropods, and macroarthopods. In a handful of healthy soil the population of these organisms can exceed the number of people on Earth. The biological food web is the stomach of soil and provides a humus storage bank of nutrients that plants can access.

Will BioLynceus®products cause shock or burning of a growing turf or plants?

No. BioLynceus® products will not cause any adverse effects to turf or plants. It contains no harsh minerals and produces a biostimulation of the soil food web to increase the biodiversity of the soil. Research has shown that increasing soil biodiversity causes a direct increase in soil fertility.

How often should BioLynceus® products be applied?

Repeated applications during the year have proven to be very effective. Application of our products with every irrigation is best.

Golf Courses and sports turf complexes have experienced increased disease and insect problems. How will BioLynceus® products affect these problems?

Research has shown that weak plants attract insects and disease. By increasing the biological activity in soil and increasing the biodiveristy of the biological food web in soil, many diseases are significantly reduced or eliminated. As the soil fertility increases, supporting healthier plants, there is less need for fungicides and insecticides.

How can BioLynceus® products be applied?

All that is required is a water supply and any fertilization or application system.

What affect will BioLynceus® products have on the ponds on the facility?

BioLynceus® products should reduce filamentous algae and moss build-up in ponds treated with the product. Our products create a clearer pond by providing competitive bacteria and algae balance that gives an attractive light green color to the ponds. If odors have been a problem in the past, these problems should be eliminated by the activity of BioLynceus® products.

How soon after application of BioLynceus® products, can results be expected?

Visible results are not immediate but can usually be seen after four or five irrigations. Generally, improved water penetration and retention are significant. Tight soil conditions are generally improved by increased biological flocculation and aeration of the soil. This encourages a larger root system that can improve nutrient uptake to the plants. Digging into the soil reveals organic matter converting into humus by increased biological action. Treating soil with BioLynceus® products along with good fertilizer management can significantly increase basic fertility and health of the soil.

BioLynceus® products don’t look or smell like something that can make a difference in soil. How can I be sure that the product works?

As results are reviewed, it will be evident that these simple-looking product are effective. The dynamic results of BioLynceus® products convince greens keepers and turf managers of the value of the product in their operations.

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